Quick Shot - RIVERDALE Season 1

May 19, 2017


Join Us for this very special Quick Shot about our new favorite guilty pleasure: RIVERDALE!

All the gang is here just, perhaps, not in the way you were used to. So, get ready for Murder, Lies, Twincest?

We also brought along some very special guests as well.

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Shoot, Quick! S3 E9 - A Very Legends FINALE (Legends S2 E17)

April 18, 2017


We're here to tell you all about how the LEGENDS save the universe? Sortta.

It's a Spear of Destiny & Dinosaur extravaganza! Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Changes Reality? I'll give you a hint: Someone.

So join us on the virtual couch as we discuss the BerlanTVerse™ and just what might be instore when the rest of our shows return.

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The Shoot, Quick! Team.


Shoot, Quick! S3 E8 - (Supergirl S2 E14-17, Flash S3 E14-18, Arrow S 5 E15-18, Legends S2 E13-16)

April 3, 2017


It's Your favorite BerlanTVerse™ podcast back again to deliver all the latest (well, a few weeks worth of shows) commentary on the CW DC Shows we all love and love to hate on.

In this episode we dicuss the MON-EL problem and just what is Supergirl doing in her own show.

What Exactly is in the BOX, Greg (Or how I learned to realize that every season of the Flash is the same).

We try to figure out just what is the ONE RULE of TIme Travel the Legends can't break that we are SURE Barry Allen already has!

As well as what Dexter and Oliver Queen have in common?

And make sure you listen to the end for a descision on our next show... Quick Shots! are BACK?!


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The Shoot Quick Team




Shoot, Quick! S3 E7 - (Supergirl S2 E12-13, Flash S3 E13, Arrow S 5 E13-14, Legends S2 E12)

February 26, 2017


Star City Sirens! Mr. MXYZPTLK! Gorilla City! Oh My!


It Just keeps getting better, folks! 

Join us as we discuss all the happenings of the BetlanTVere™

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