Shoot, Quick! S4 E5 Female Friendship, Meta Thinking, Father-Son Bonding, and Personal Anachronisms aka Part 1 the BerlanTVerse

January 6, 2018

This month, the Shoot, Quick! team goes back to their roots and covers the first half of the BerlanTVerse including Arrow Season 6, Flash Season 4, Supergirl Season 3, Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 and of course, the 4-way crossover, Crisis on Earth-X!


From Deathstroke’s return and a lot of Black Siren, to Kara having some great female friends and trying not to care about Mon-El; from a council of Wells scene that Alison has long since waited for, to a fancy new Time Bureau complete with building sexual tension with Captain Lance, join Keith, Paola, Nevena, and Alison (and Krypto, the Superdog) as they cover 36 episodes of television.

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Shoot, Quick! S4 E4 Long Live the ‘80s aka Stranger Things S2

December 22, 2017
Welcome Back Quick Shooters!
Every month, we’ll be getting together to talk about what we’re watching from the BerlanTVerse, the MCU/DCU, or whatever. 
This month, we cover Stranger Things S2 in our new format! From adorable Halloween costumes, to our favourite supportive mom, Steve, to wondering why Hopper and Joyce don’t just get together, it’s time to cover a great Netflix original with occasional comments (or barks) from Krypto the Superdog.
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Shoot, Quick! S4 E3 The MCU vs DCU Showdown aka Thor: Ragnorak and Justice League

December 2, 2017
Join Keith, Paola, Nevena, and Alison (and Krypto the Superdog) in their new podcast where this month they pit Marvel against DC.
In the Marvel corner: A Thor/Hulk team up, a few Westworld cameos and Jeff Goldblum being Jeff Goldblum.
In the DC corner: 6 DC heros including a much quirkier Barry Allen than we are accustom, three important boxes, and the build up of villains getting in on this league action.
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Shoot, Quick! S4 E2 Cowboys and Robots aka Westworld S1

October 27, 2017


We're back with our new format for Shoot, Quick! Every month, we'll be getting together to talk about a different show or movie we've all watched from the BerlanTVerse, the MCU/DCU or whatever else we're watching. This month, Alison and Nevena seriously disappoint Keith and Paola after they encouraged them to watch Westworld season 1. While the former loved the show and were definitely entertained, the latter insist that it's 10 hours of their lives they'll never get back.


And so, we enter the Great Westworld debate, featuring Krypto the Superdog (Keith and Paola's dog) who just wants everyone to pay attention to him. Email us at if you want to weigh in on this (apparently) not universally loved series.